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Light At The End Of The World

I've heard the tracks for the new album. I wanted to embrace it really. I wanted to absolutely LOVE every cut right off the bat. I like for a preview to be so good that it encourages me to buy a CD as I have in the past but, I may think twice this time. Let me qualify that as a huge erasure fan, I have enjoyed all of erasure's less popular offerings. I thought 'Loveboat' got an unfair review by many 'fans'. Though the mixing may not have been to some people's liking, I thought the songs themselves were still true erasure gems. I even appreciated 'Other People's Songs' for it's place in the erasure catalog though, it's my least played CD. 'Nightbird' didn't take more than 2 listens for me to be completely acclimated to the new offering and it ranks up there as one of my favorites. The production on Andy's 'Electric Blue' was dead on and lovable. I was hoping that the production on Nightbird and EB would inform all of the production on 'Light At The End Of The World'. In my opinion, it only informed a few of the cuts and a lot was left flat, unfinished and B-side worthy. I am sad. I think the boys should wait longer between albums in hopes of making a better product. And by the way, no Cyndi Lauper duet. I'm sure the songs will grow on me and I will end up liking it at least but, here are my honest first impressions. For those of you who'd rather not cringe just yet, skip me by. I will say - there are instant favorites - tracks 1, 2, 3 and 9 are the real meat of the CD so, at least I have 4 new favorite erasure tunes! For those interested, the cuts are out there if you look. I'm not giving the material to anyone.

Track 1 - Sunday Girl - The early statements mentioned erasure going for a more dance inspired record. This song embodies the best of erasure's pop style infused with a drop of what Andy did on Electric Blue. I was very happy and hoped that the direction continued.

Track 2 - I Could Fall In Love With You - There's a sense of old erasure on this version [which is great] and I like the album version better than the mixes. It wouldn't be out of place on Cowboy.

Track 3 - Sucker for Love - Hyper club sounds with a hyper thump wrapped around fun erasure lyrics... "THE LOVE - WE HAD - IS FOR THE BETTER NOW!"

Track 4 - Storm In A Teacup - The production goes a little darker and I'm hoping for something classic. Lilting lyrics - it's good but doesn't 'grab' like you want it to. The first impression is that it feels like a throw-away.

Track 5 - Fly Away - The production has now gone completely into 'OPS' territory. I'm reminded of Ebb Tide. Where is that 'dance beat' that we were promised? Maybe I was hoping for too much? It's a syrupy sweet number that, again, is just 'ok'. I would have liked this better if it were an actual cover and was sung by a 60s girl group first.

Track 6 - Golden Heart - Am I listening to OPS??? Much of the same... nothing grabs. I'm now convinced Vince just relied on the synth presets from the OPS session.

Track 7 - How My Eyes Adore You - You can go as far back as Circus and Wonderland and find cuts better. Remember when you got 'Chorus' or 'I Say x3' and thought - "clearly, they are moving in a new direction" and it was at least fresher than their previous material? I'm missing freshness people. I'm sorry.

Track 8 - Darlene - I'm hearing some Chorus-like arranging and I'm hoping for the album to get better. Again - it's just 'ok' and doesn't grab. There's no new classic here, just a rehash of previous styles. Some cute redeeming pop qualities but, that's about it.

Track 9 - When A Lover Leaves You - A return to good solid erasure pop. The redemption for this end of the album. Style reminiscent of Cowboy & I Say x3. I think I'm going to dig out the classics and just reminisce.

Track 10 - Glass Angel - I'm picturing Andy in a trenchcoat and fedora playing a spy in one of their old, low-budget videos. At least it's visual. Otherwise, I'm unmoved. Old synth sound. Nothing especially inventive or new.

Bummer. There were 4 worthy cuts of a new erasure album total. To put it in perspective, I like Loveboat better but, seeing as I probably listen to OPS for 3 tracks, I guess it's better than OPS. When Andy said he wanted erasure to adopt a dance sound for this album, I thought he was hinting to Vince that he liked his production on Electric Blue. Maybe Vince felt insulted and just did whatever the hell he wanted. If you want some refreshing pop music - I hope you all have Mika's album by now 'Life In Cartoon Motion'. At least that's something refreshing and inventive.

I will ALWAYS love erasure no matter what and, as I said before, I'm sure I will at least grow to 'like' this album but, at this point, I had already liked Loveboat.



"I'm not giving the material to anyone"

aww, cmon!!

loveboat is in my top 3 of erasure albums.
...and loveboat is a better album by far.
Hey thanks for posting. I may listen to it and disagree but I have an idea of what is on there.
hay see you in SC, baby!!! ;)

Oh, yes. I'm so excited it is an emotional issue.
I wanted to see Erasure in Atlanta and even actually bought a ticket but in my nervous excitement bought one for the wrong venue. By the time my money was returned I talked myself out of driving in Atlanta. I have nightmares getting lost in Atlanta, then Morrissey tickets went on sale and spazzed all over again. I'm currently in Orlando but moving to either Georgia or South Carolina this Summer so it was hard to decide on a venue.

Sorry I went off.

Hell yeah, baby! LOL.

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