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neat_rox in erasure_fanatic

New Album and Interesting Questions

I just listened to "Light at the End of the World" for the first time after downloading it from iTunes today. I like it and know that I'll like it even more after listening to it again. I really liked "Sunday Girl", "I Could Fall in Love With You" (which I already had the single of), "Sucker for Love", and "I Don't Know Why" the best at first listen, but I usually do go for the more uptempo songs. I'll keep listening.

Now for something pretty wierd....I've been a fan of Erasure's since "Wonderland" and have seen them in concert many times. I have known all along that Andy is gay and I assumed that he and Vince were a couple all of these years. I never read anything contradictory to that until tonight when I was looking at the EIS site for lyrics for the new album (which I didn't find). I read a bit of an article about Vince's son, which I found interesting considering I thought he and Andy were a couple. I was further surprised when I read on the Forum that Vince was married to Tracey. I think it is great that he has a family but really wonder if Andy and Vince were ever a couple? Was Vince ever gay or bisexual? And does Andy have a partner?

Imagine....20-plus years of assuming Andy and Vince were partners. What a surprise!


I've always heard that Vince was straight, with no contradiction that I can think of.

August 2007

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